Daustin Harker

(David + Justin) + (Baker + Harris) = Daustin Harker

The partnership of these two beautiful souls started when they met on set working for veteran director Irv Blitz, and each of them thought about the other This guy gets it. Justin saw in David a creativity and boundless energy fueled by amazing technical skills and David found in Justin a grounding force with an artist’s eye and unmatched attention to detail.

David was born New York City, where, as the child of a Broadway pianist mother and engineer father, he had an extremely normal childhood. The family later moved to LA where David did a brief stint as a child actor, but quickly discovered he didn’t like being around other child actors because let’s face it, they’re kinda weird. A talented musician, he played and toured in multiple bands before deciding to settle down into the quiet life of commercial production. He lives in LA with his wife and 3 kids, so actually life might not be that quiet.

Justin was born and raised in Long Beach, CA, and has the classic SoCal chill vibes all us transplants so desperately want to achieve. After film school, he quickly rose through the production ranks, not in small part to his keen eye and ability to find beauty in the simplest elements. To decompress from set life, Justin loves camping and spending time in nature, so he’d be a great person to have around if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse.

Together they are Daustin Harker and they make beautiful films. But please don’t watch their reel while hungry.
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