Brad Lubin

Brad is a serious director who makes funny things.

For the last several years, the British have entrusted him – an American – to direct comedy spots for their brands. No higher honor had ever been bestowed in England, nor will one ever be again. He thinks it’s because he is exotic; they’d never seen a Bearded North American Jew in the wild. But we think it’s because he brings a level of film craft that’s not often seen in the comedy space, skills that were ingrained during his time assisting some of Hollywood’s top feature directors. (He asked us not to name drop, so we won’t mention The Farrelly brothers, or Craig Gillespie.)

Now that he’s back across the pond, Brad has been successfully translating his English comedy skills to, well, English comedy skills, working for classic American brands such as McDonalds, Burger King, Mentos, and Ford.

Brad knew he must be doing something right, not when he was nominated for the Cannes Young Director Award (although he was), or up for the D&D Next Director Award (twice), or when he was nominated at the British Arrows (four times), or when AdWeek wrote a front page feature on him, but when his barber (and perhaps toughest critic) said, Brad, you’re doing something right.

Brad read that it’s not good to be a work-a-holic, so he makes himself go golfing or skiing. But he prefers comedy clubs and comedy writing when he’s not comedy directing and he suspects that article was written by someone who doesn’t have fun for a living.
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