Moritz Friedel and Christoph Chrudimak make up the Austrian directing team known as Rad-Ish. Their artistic backgrounds began separately as musicians, painters, and photographers. They transitioned to film and began working in the crew for music videos. While working on set for the music video Doro they met and decided to start directing together.

Their first projects were beauty, auto, and beverage commercials. Soon they were directing in the US for top agencies and clients doing groundbreaking campaigns and receiving international recognition.

Their work is unique in that they pull together lifestyle, story telling, big pictures and seamless efx work. Even their automotive and technical campaigns are filled with soul and emotion.

In the world of commercials they are known not only for their stylish eye, but also for an intuitive ability to capture emotion and accent the intrinsic humor in situations. They solve problems in an original way while addressing the needs of each spot. This has made them one of the most sought after directing talents in the world.

Theirs is a world of choreography, rhythm and humor combined with a very modern visual treatment.

From the beginning they were recognized as creative and innovative. Starting with the New Directors Showcase in Cannes to the many awards they have received thru the years their work is constantly being acknowledged by top creative teams. Their client list includes spots for Audi, Nintendo, BMW, Sony PlayStation, Levi’s, Gatorade, Mercedes, Orange, Coke, Nissan and Guinness.

They have directed commercials in US, Europe and Asia.